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The Magnolia Park  / Blueberry Hill Neighborhood Association (MPNA) was originally formed in 1972 with 26 members, of which several still are residing in the neighborhood.
Considerate and concerned about the area they live in, these responsible residents are the voice for all citizens living in the 420 home area of the Magnolia Park and Blueberry Hill subdivision, bordered by Derenne Avenue, Skidaway Road, Bona Bella Avenue and the Truman Parkway.
In 1996 the MPNA was the driving force behind the funding for the Derenne Avenue Stormwater Pumping Station, which is the largest pumping station east of the Mississippi. The pumping station contributes largely to the fact, that since 1996,Magnolia Park has not been flooded during heavy summer rains.
In 2001 the MPNA and the neighboring areas of Fairway Oaks and Kensington Park started objecting the City of Savannah’s plan to widen Derenne Avenue into a 10 - lane road, which resulted in a complete new design for Derenne Avenue, called “Project Derenne” that took the concerns of the citizens and their input in consideration. To learn more about “Project Derenne”:


The MPNA acts as well as sounding board for residents concerns in a variety of areas and helps to bring neighbors together by organizing an annual picnic,  the 4th of July Parade and  Barbeque, Halloween for the kids and the Holiday Season Decoration and Caroling events.

All offices and committees of the MPNA are held by volunteers and every event  is organized and carried out by unpaid neighborhood supporters.

The neighborhood association has been a major factor of keeping not only traditions alive, but as well addressing issues that involve our beautiful neighborhood and help longtime residents and newcomers come together and make this neighborhood a great place to live.

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P. O. Box 13724
Savannah, GA  31416

E-mail: mpna31406@gmail.com

MPNA 2016-17 Officers
Donald Consos
Vice President
Beth Kinstler
Carolyn Fountain
Jill Robertson  

Board Members
Allison Johnston 692-1228
Carolyn Mason 355-7474
Colleen Smith 355-3336
Dan Murphy 355-7842
Mary Hohnerlein 704-4083
Mary Jane Mataxis 355-8968
Brenda Kennedy 660-3464
Lyn Davis 355-9831

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