Welcome to Magnolia Park/Blueberry Hill and the Magnolia Park Neighborhood Association

Magnolia Park was founded and developed beginning in 1952 by the LAMARA Corporation as one of the mid 20th century surburban residential districts in Savannah.  This neighborhood features a great diversity of mid-century ranch style houses and several iconic mid-cenutry modern homes.


The park like neighborhood is home to a large variety of residents including original owners, who moved to the neighborhood beginning in the mid 1950s; longtime neighbors, who enjoy living surrounded by nature, but still ike to be close to shopping and historic downtown Savannah; young families, enjoying the safe and open environment for their kids to grow up; and several architectural enthusiasts, who cherish, renovate and retore the visionary architecture and design of the 1950s and 1960s. We have several multi-generational families within our neighborhood.

Magnolia Park/Blueberry Hill residents and historic homes have been featured in a variety of local and nationwide publications.


Magnolia Park/Blueberry Hill has a very active Neighborhood Association, represeneting the residents and working on issues concerning this area.  The MPNA organizes a variety of social events for the neighborhood through out the year for residents to enjoy.  


Come and see why we love our neighborhood!


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